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Somehow “0.2% flutter + 98.6% wow” is mathematically sound in this sexist Vivitar Super 8 camera ad, 1967 (via Vintage-Ads LJ)

This is great. Love the “tickle here”

NYC May 2014

NYC May 2014

I knew there be water up here :)

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Angkor is one of the most important and the greatest archaeological sites in the world. This by the way the world’s largest (400 square kilometers) temple complex (almost a 1000 temples) was between IX and XV century the capital of the Khmer Empire. Probably, in the eleventh century, numbering one million inhabitants of Angkor was the largest city in the contemporary world.

Cool pics

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Lovely meeting | (by David Olkarny)

Cool pic

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During the prohibition, Russian boots suddenly became stylish. This hidden bottle of liquor may explain why.  In an unrelated note, you can see the swastika motif on the tile floor.  Until used by the Nazi party, this symbol was a common motif meaning friendship, life, and luck. (From This Fabulous Century—1920-1930, scanned by weirdvintage)

Interesting. .

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St. Paul’s Cathedral - London - England (von Alex ‘77)


Public pay phones in use at Broadway and 34th Street, in May of 1973. The first handheld mobile phone call in history was made one month prior to this photo in midtown Manhattan, April 1973, when Martin Cooper, made a call to his chief competitor Dr. Joel S. Engel. Photo by Erik Calonius

Great photo..